Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My other blog was approved!

Finally my other blog which is swennerholm was approved with some of my advertiser, and just now I got two opportunity and I am really happy because I miss doing some opportunity. I think I will be starting to be busy to write opportunity in my other blog and for this blog I´m still working to get my pr back. I was been so busy this passed few days that´s why I couldn´t drop ec to my fellow bloggers who always drop ec to my blog, but today I will try to drop ec to all who drop to my blog.

Anyway this week will be my last week practicum in the kindergarten, I am excited to go back to school at the same time I´m sad because I will miss the kids in my practicum specially now that they used to me, they hug me everytime they saw me. I´m sure I will miss them so much and I will try to visit them as long as I can.

1 comment:

amiable amy said...

oyyy, you have to share what company is that naman my friend

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