Sunday, 29 March 2009

My friends (Michelle and Björn) wedding

Yesterday I and hubby attended my friend´s wedding, it was a church wedding and this is my first time to attend a wedding event here in Sweden. When I saw the entourage, I couldn´t help not to reminisce my wedding in the Philippines specially the words "yes I do".

I am happy for my friend because she is happy and she fulfilled her wish to be married here in Sweden. She´s not really my close friend I met her twice and she is nice person so I hope she can be my good and I hope we can build a good friendship here Sweden besides we´re almost neighborhood and we both live in the center of the City (Goteborg).

The wedding went well as the plan but we got a little bit problem with the food because they serve the wrong one so we need to waited for an half hour to able to eat.

Before we started to eat, it´s tradition to have a glass of champine to make a toast for the bride and groom. After that-the food was serve and it was good for me because the food was been serve are one of my favorite food (yummy), it was a good dinner for everybody. The next is to serve white wine (yummy again) I drank for two glass of wine which gives me a dizzy feelings (laugh) that made me decided not to finish the little wine left in my glass.

We went home around ten in the evening and just visited the comfort room and went to bed since both me and my hubby felt very tired. I share some photos of the wedding so enjoy it guy!


payatot said...

sana nga maging mabuti kayong magkabigan ng kinasal na yan..

rossel said...

can't see you well in the picture but seems you really enjoyed your friend's wedding.

S-H-Y said...

Payatot: sana nga maging kaibigan ko cia, salamat sa pagdalaw dito.

Rossel: you cant see me because im too small LOL..thanks for dropping by here.

Jenny said...

goshhh sorry for disturbing you yesterday. I forgot kahapon pala yong kasal.. hehehhe... wala lng ako magawa kahapon kaya gusto kita tawagan.. Anyway thanks for the calls. Congrats sa mga ikinakasal..

S-H-Y said...

Jenny: I got worried kaya, so I barrowed my friend cell and call you but you didn´t answer, akala ko napano kana..see you tomorrow.

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