Thursday, 12 March 2009

PayingPost Really Pay?

I was really sad because one of my advertiser which is PP didn´t pay me for my works, I was sad because I put effort for that and I get nothing for it. I hope some advertiser will think how blogger works to do some opportunity. I already mail them but they didn´t reply me until now so I think they don´t have a plan to pay me, and I am planning to delete my blog from their market. How about you guy? Have you received a payment from blogger advertiser which is PayingPost? I´m wondering here if PayingPost really pay.

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amiable amy said...

girl, they are different from other company, they pay you once yo reach $50, that is why i sent them a letter before if they can at least change their rules of payment, then, lastweek, i sent them again a letter that i really wanted to have more reviews from them....i know know if that helps, yesterday, i got 3 offers...i grab it hahhaa, so, i have $45 dollars all in all, waiting for another $5 so, i can withdraw the amount

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