Sunday, 22 March 2009

My new Visa Card

I recieved my visa card last friday but I was not feeling well and tired so I´m not able to post it here. But now I am fine expected me to post some article LOL. Anyway I got this visa card exclusively only for my blog earning so that I can cash out my earning from my blog. But before I could able to do that I need to put money in this bankcard before the paypal allow to acces to my bankcard, so next week I will tell my husband to put some money in this card so that it will be activated. Anyway I don´t much review for this month because I lost my BLOG PR since FEB. 26 last month and I don´t have any idea when my PR will be back, I hope it will be really soon now.

1 comment:

Babette said...

Tanggalin mo ang pic ng visa card mo. Baka may gumamit nyan dahil kitang-kita ang mga numbers. :(

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