Sunday, 29 March 2009

Getting to know Mr. Google

This passed few weeks I got really few review, since I lost my pr last month (February 26) and I understood that because I have 0 pr (page rank). After a month I am really curious because I don´t get back my pr so that made me think "maybe something wrong with my Google account" so I tried to read my Google account and tried to learn how it works. Notice that before I started with my blog I never thought that Google is really important to get a high rank but since now I knew about this I tried to read about "how Google works or how important for the blog rank".

I open my Google account and start to get to know Mr. Google and I just found out that my blog Site is unverified and it made me sad because it means my work for my blog for almost a month was not counted by Mr. Google so I fixed it and now it´s better and I knew a little bit about how Mr. Google important for a blog.

I´m looking forward to get back my pr and I hope Mr. Google will update soon (laugh). I been working hard with my blog- posting almost everyday, visit other blog, leave a comment and drop Entrecard and so on. I´m so dedicated to works with my blog since I am starting to love it because this is the way I can speak up and met new different people all over the world. Living here in Sweden is not easy but with the help of my loving husband and friends it´s worth living here in foreign country eventhough I miss my family and friend back in Philippines.


""rare*jonRez"" said...

there's a lot of us who wished for a PR! i have been wishing eversince, kaso lang, i never experienced having it here in my blogger domains. i hope you can get yours soon!

and oh... thank you so much for your birthday thoughts and greetings! :) really appreciate it! :)

S-H-Y said...

wla ka din pr?? dami na tau nito.. I lost my pr one month ago and till now I´m still waiting and waiting...your always welcome..

Genejosh said...

i haven't yet experience having PR he..he..i've been into blogging for 3 months now..kelan pa kaya? BTW, thanks for visiting my blog..hope to x-link with u...

ghieGANDA said...

hay naku baka yan ang dahilan bakit wala kong PR! hahahaah.. joke! nice post. informative one. i'll try my best to take time to read as well. hehe.

Gorgeous MUM said...

hello! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! i did not get back to you sooner because been kinda busy.

anyways, hope you're having a nice day! take care!

i'm missing the snow! we used to live in latvia before.

S-H-Y said...

Genejosh: hhmm I´m sure you will experince it maybe so soon..and thanks for dropping by here.

GHIEganda: ito nga ang dahilan girl kaya wla akong PR´s really important kasi na ma verify mo ung google account mo..

Gorgeous MAMA:Your very welcome and no problem for me at least you visited me even you are busy..

MaxiVelasco said...

this is what i have mentioned on one of my posts:

most people submit their sites at google but forgets to verify it. as i've said, the three important steps to be recognized by google are:

submit your site - verify and lastly always submit your sitemap.

then always check your google page especially kung okey ba ang verification. kapag after a few days sinabi ng google na there's an error, meaning, you have to verify it again.

hope you can get back your PR soon. ako, takot din ako baka one day, bumaba ang PR ko. i have a friend with PR 4. bumagsak sa zero. kaya, ayun, scared ako.

anyway, as they say - weather weather lang ang PR.

have a nice day girl.. study muna ako kasi Svenska B nationella provet na bukas.

next time ulit. and yes... alam ko, mahaba talaga ako mag-comment.

S-H-Y said...

MaxiVelasco: Yes mataas ka talagang mg comment..anyway girl gudluck sa imo exam.

amiable amy said...

hi naku, dami nga talaga natin gawin...i still did not focus on that, i just want to enjy osting muna, i will make try to fix mine after all my blog hopping done

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