Sunday, 15 March 2009

Back to School

Time to back to school tomorrow, I miss my classmates and teachers and I am exciting to see all of them. I´m looking forward for the busy school and lots of assignment, tsk I hate assignment. Anyway I miss bonding with my classmates, eating lunch together and going to the mall. After my practicum I think I didn´t learn more Swedish, I´m not surprised about it because I don´t like reading Swedish books or watching Swedish movie. I don´t know really why I´m like that, maybe because of too much thinking about my family. I miss them a lot, sometimes I felt going home but I couldn´t because I love my husband a lot.


Rayri said...
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MsRay said...

I am one more week to go 'til Spring break. I am excited to start my school vacation. LOL!

Kevin Georg Paquet said...

school is real fun, hope you have a great time in seeing them all again!

Kevin Paquet -
*blog hopping* link ex? hope to hear from you!

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