Friday, 18 September 2009

Exam is over :P

Yehey! Finally my exam is over and I am confident that I will get a good grade! Maybe some of you, noticed that I have been ignoring my blog lately, because I have been studying a lot these passed few days because of my exam and I know most of you understand it, first education late blog he he he. But I´m thankful that my exam is over now so I can start blogging again likes blog hopping and posting too. To EVERYONE who visit my blogs, a big THANKS and HUGS from me, and I assure that I am going to visit and comment your blog. So see you guy, I will start it now!


Jenny said...

hows the exam? kala ko hindi ka pumasok eh.. Masama pa rin pakiramdam mo?

vi ses

Sandi said...

hope your exam grade comes back great! I had 3 tests this week. I hope my grades come back good too. :D

Dhemz said...

agoy makaribbon jud ni...joke! hehhehe...nag serious man jud sya woi...hinay hinay lang kay ma perfect unya nimo permi ang exam....:)

namuot ko sa imong comment nyora woi...joker lagi ka...hehehhe!

wala na diay ka nagsakit...dalia ra na ulian woi..grabi guro nga kisspirin ang g gamit...nyahahha...joke!

asa man mo mag wara wara this weekend? shopping napod ka ani? hehehe..agi ko kadali kay dami pako chores buhaton..babosh....:)

MelCole said...

hello! congrats for overcoming your exam. thanks for the visit. hope you will follow me.

teJan said...

goodluck shy! I know you've been studying hard!lol! grattis da-an!

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