Sunday, 20 September 2009

We invited my parent-in-law

Since it was my father-in-law birthday last 16 of September, and he was turned to 92 years old. We thought it would be great to invited my in-laws here in our place and I and hubby help together to cook food from appetizer to dessert, it was really great bonding between my husband and I. We laugh a lot whiles making food because sometimes we both do stupid things that made us laugh. All food is almost all ready when my in-laws arrived, I and hubby agreed that I will do the serving and he does the entertaining for our guests.

Like I and hubby usually do, I talks to his mom and he talks to his dad and sometimes we talked together. It is easier for me to talk to my in-laws now since I can talk and understand Swedish. It was went well for our preparation for my father-in-law birthday, they love our food and our company, and it our pleasure to make them happy. I didn´t have time to do blogging last night because I and hubby get really tired after my parent-in-law went home, I decided not to went to my computer instead slept with my husband.


sexyjessie said...

It was certainly a great time between you and your parents-in-law, I'm sure admist all the food and the entertaining.

Happy for you! :)

kikamz said...

Wow! 92! your FIL is very old na! ako kaya, aabot pa sa ganyang age? i have also added your link as "A Journey For Life". hugs!

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