Friday, 11 September 2009

I went out with friend

I went out to visit one of my friend here in Sweden, because I had promised her to with her to find furniture for their new home. They just move to their new house and she is very busy arranging their new home which includes buying furniture. We went out to find formal dining furniture , it was fun checking many kinds of furniture which makes us confuse which one to select since it has a huge of number of different kinds of furniture. I suggest to my friend to have the casual dining furniture for their which I think it is perfect for their new home. And my friend just told me to look around to get more optional selection for her furniture. And finally we pass a furniture store which gets our attention because of their unique yet simple design of furniture. So I and my friend decided to look at that store, When we get inside, I notice that they have unique shapes, designs and colours. We stay there for a hour and finally my friend found her favourite dining tables and I suggest her to have the casual dining furniture which she purchase in the end. It was a tiring day, yet fun to went out with my friend to find a furniture for her new place to live. I feel good inside to know that I help somebody evens it was a simple help from me.


shydub said...

Buti pa isa shy gurl ang dami na ng friends diyan.

Dhemz said...

hello diha nimo nyora..sos tawon, uros uros man ning imong opps tawon...eehehhee...libo libo man jud ang kita ani...hehehe!

woi about tuod sa phone..katong ako kay plan man jud to dear...maong half ra akong bayad...ang orgi price nya ato kung d plan is almost 600 tawon asa man ko mangita anang 600 bucks...hehehe..maong plan gamit..which is valid up to 2 years...every 2 years ga change me ug phone...maong 3 na akong phone dire way gamit.

pila diay ang BB's diha? naa man plan pod diha no? pag palit nalang ug iPhone...heheheh!

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