Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My favorite chocolate

Way back in the Philippines, I don´t usually eat much chocolate, but since I migrate here in Sweden, I almost eat chocolate everyday. I learn to eat chocolate because of my husband who I call chocolate monster or chocolate eater. Since then, I start to love different kinds of chocolate candy. Sometimes we went to different kinds of chocolate candy store here in Gothenburg and taste as many as we can. When I first visited a chocolate store here in Gothenburg, I was surprise because they have many kinds of chocolate, which I thought before doesn´t exist.

Living here in Sweden for more than two (2) now, I learn a lot about Sweden and the people who are living here, and one thing I learned about Swedish people are they love to eat chocolate, almost all Swedish I know love to eat chocolate so I am not surprise now if they have a huge number of chocolate store where they can buy different kinds of chocolate. Sometimes, I asked myself, how did I became chocolate eater likes my husband, I never thought before that I can be a chocolate eater, but anyway I love it and I can´t live without it now.

When I got home yesterday from school, I thought it could be fun to know if there is a chocolate candy store through online, because I am really curious about it. So I did surfed the net, and after a minutes I found a chocolate candy online, which has a big amount of collection of delicious, effete chocolate candy. They accommodate in catering to your each fancy needs when it comes to chocolate. It doesn´t matter if you need a wide selection Pay Day chocolate bars for you're marketing campaign, or to feed your chocolate habit. And you don´t need to worry about you're shipping for your chocolate because they make sure that it will not melt in the box but in your mouth.

I was curious if they have my favorite chocolate which is the sneakers, and I was really happy because they have my favorite chocolate. I thought it would be interesting to purchase but first I will tell my husband about it because I know he will find some of his favorite chocolate and purchase it too.


Maxi said...

yup shy. they have sneakers here. dami nga eh. boyfriend ko is sneakers lover kaya laging mag packs and packs of sneakers dito. hehe.

hope you can find sneakers soon para ma-enjoy mo ang chocoaltes! yum!

sexyjessie said...

Well, I do love choclate once in a while, cause I'm afraid I will put on weight.

If I live in Sweden, think I will eat choclate everyday.

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