Sunday, 13 September 2009

Furniture for my family

I usually chat to my mom every weekend, and it was happen yesterday. We talked about everything, but mostly we talked about buying some furniture for my mom house. I have promise them that it will be my expenses for the furniture, my mom had told me that she has been surfing for some good deal furniture, she has found some like outdoor furniture and other stuff too. But my dad wanted to have the patio dining sets too, so they have been doing a long discussion about what kind of furniture they want to have. My sister have been to some furniture store to look for a Patio Dining Sets because dad told her to surfed around for a good deal furniture. While I was talking to my mom, I suggested to her to have a wicker furniture because I always love that kind of furniture and mom know it. And she told me that they will get one because of me and since I pay the expenses for the furniture. And this morning, I just received a text message from my mom, that they have found a Wicker Furniture which has the best deal and very simple but elegant, and they found the rest of the furniture which they like to have for their home. So I think I need to send them the money for the payment and I am glad that evens I am far away from them I can make them happy. How about you,have you found your dream furniture for your home like my parent?

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