Thursday, 10 September 2009

SHY is yayay :(..

I don´t feel well today, got headache, feeling weak and fever and plus cold, I decided to stay home since it was not really important day in the school today, and I have terrible headache when I woke up today. I hope I will be fine soon because I don´t like to miss any lecture in the school specially our exam will be next week. But even I didn´t went to school today, I studied some of our passed lecture because it is difficult which means I need to understand it before the exam, otherwise I will miss up during the exam hehehe and I will hate it.. Anyway guys have a good day ahead, and be careful because sickness is everywhere these days, try to wash your hands with a soap after visiting bathroom or use alcohol.


MaxiVelasco said...

hello shy. i hope you feel a lot better.

pa check mo yung eyes mo. baka you need eyeglasses na. you blog a lot and study a lot.

ako kasi, noon, i thought headache lang. tapos, my boyfriend decided to bring me to the optometrist's clinic and doon nalaman ko na super kailangan ko na ng glasses.

just an advice. kasi if laging sumasakit ulo mo, baka eyeglasses lang ang kailangan mo.

ayo ayo dira pirmi.

Dhemz said...

oh my gosh..hope you feel better soon dear....agoy basin buntis ka nyora.

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