Sunday, 27 September 2009

My Broccoli Beef and perfect Banana cake :P

Yesterday while I was doing my blog hopping, I landed to one of my blogger friend blog and I read through her blog, I found her broccoli beef recipe since I love broccoli and beef I decided to copy her recipe evens I didn´t asked permission to her ( Peace Nyora ). So last night I made this broccoli Beef recipe, and guess what I made it so delicious which my husband love it. Way back in the Philippines, I don´t like cooking, it´s always my mom who prepared my food but not this time since I am married I need to learn a lot specially now that we are planning to have a baby by next year.

After our dinner with the delicious broccoli beef and rice, I decided to make a banana cake which I can´t made it perfect. I know we always failure when we made a first cook but not for me, I always get disappointed making a banana cake, because I can´t do it. So as an usual result it was not perfect banana cake, but my husband still like to eat it. While we we´re watching movie of AL Pacino which was the "Scent of a woman" I kept bagging my husband about my failure of making banana cake ( he was eating my banana cake whiles I was bagging him ) and I wanted to make one more time again since I know already what was the problem.

After the movie was finished my husband went out just to get banana and sugar for my banana cake, it was more than 11 pm so we don´t know if the food shop was still open, my husband decided to went to the food shop and see if it still open. When he went home, he brought sugar and banana for my banana cake. I made one more try for my banana cake and said to myself if I can´t made it perfect I will not going to make another banana cake for my whole life. But guess what? I made it perfect for the first time history of my own banana cake, I was so happy and my husband love my banana cake. We ate banana cake before going to bed.

PS: to my friend who help me to made my perfect banana cake, a BIG thanks from me mwah!


laikka said...

kalami gud ana shy... heheh! gutom man lang ko!

Weng Forsgren said...

kAlami sa imong banana cake..dugay na kaau ko wa buhat ana

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Shy, it is so nice to be back here in your blog. :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow mukhang masarap yang broc beef mo ha at perfect ang iyong banana cake. naku same pala tayo nung mag asawa saka lang natutong magluto hahaa^_^

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