Sunday, 13 September 2009

First time in my history that my husband didn´t like my food

Every weekend we always try to had a walk together (me and hubby) and drop at the Asian Store. Yesterday after our short walked we pass at the Asian Store and guess what? I found some very interesting food which I ate when I was in the Philippines (you can see in the picture which food I mean) the two items there which is the jank food and the rice ball was not made in Philippines. I made our dinner yesterday and it was the picture above which was rice, ampalaya with egg, and fish. I was really excited to made these since it was long ago since I these kinds of food. When the dinner was ready, here what was our conversation with my hubby.

SHY: Darling, you like the food?
Hubby: Yeah, it´s ok (wah ok means not delicious he he)
SHY: Are you sure you can ate the fish with bones?
HUBBY: Yeah, I can, (but I can see he can´t he he)
SHY: Ok, let me help you to took away the bones of the fish, done!

While starting to eat... eating...

When I just turned my head to saw what my hubby´s expression about the amplaya when he tested it.. Do you know how does it look when you eat sour food? That´s how my husband´s looked like when he tested the ampalaya. So I asked him again.

SHY: Darling are you sure you can ate it?
HUBBY: Yes, with the face of unconvinced of saying yes
SHY: Ok, I made another viand for your rice
HUBBY: Thanks Darling, your so sweet :)
SHY: SORRY Darling, I thought you will like it
Hubby: No need to sorry ok, let´s eat

This was the first time in my history (two (2) and 41 days) that my husband didn´t like what I served him, but anyway it happens, so it´s not a big deal but it just made me think that it was not really his food anyway..

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Anonymous said...

Hello shy!
Ana jud ning maminyo ta ug dili kapareho nato,kung kita naghinam-hinam na..sila nahadlok pa.
labi na kay ang isda nga imong giluto bukogon na..dili jud mukaon akong bana ana.

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