Thursday, 3 September 2009

Stuff for my baby

Time goes by so fast! I never realized that it already September now and soon it will be Christmas. And after this year, we will expecting a new member of the family. I and my husbands are both so exciting for that, since we both don´t have any baby before, it´s our both first time will be a mother and a father. I know it´s too early but I thought we have this saying "the early the better" so I am starting to surfed the net these days to find different kinds of stuff that would interest me buy for my up coming career as a mom. I found different kinds of stuffs but the one interest me to have is the stroller since everybody here in Sweden use stroller for their baby. Stroller is very popular here in Sweden, but not in the Philippines. I thought it would be the best to have since we will need it because I don´t have a plan to carry my baby all the time because she/he will be really small and soft which makes me afraid to hold. But before I purchase I want to read about strollers buying guide because I know that it will help me a lot to decide what kind of stroller I should get. And before I forget, I will also buy a baby carrier because that´s what my husband prefers than a stroller but I love stroller so it will be better we will have the one each which we like. I also need to read about baby carrier buying guide since I do not have any idea which one to purchase. I found what I need at which I thought the best site to buy stroller for your baby. They offer different kinds of stroller, and you can also read the buying stroller guide. SO if you are interested just visit their site and enjoy shopping for your baby´s stuff!


niko said...

oi are u pregnant already?? :) or if its planning time.. go go go na! :)

OHMYGUMS said...

wow, kaka-excite daw talaga to plan for baby. I myself don't have baby yet,still working on it :)

jenie said...

wow, congratulations!

yeah it's an exciting time. the preparation and everything. there's so much planning to do, so it's best that you start early, while you still can move freely.

hope you have an easy one...i on the other hand needed to be on bedrest at 4mos. onwards.

so...goodluck=) and take care!

MaxiVelasco said...

wow... preggy ka na shy? congratulations! happy naman ako for you. ilang months na?

have a healthy pregnancy! hugs!

Dhemz said...

woi, hhehehehe....excited nako sa imo year...nana jud bun in the oven.....:) good luck!

woi salamat tuod sa ambot ba lamang...unsa man tong nag banned nako nga wala may kalag...karma ra iya ato puhon...:)

have a great weekend ahead!

sexyjessie said...

Wow, are you pregnant? Congrats! So happy for you. Take care yourself and your baby.

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