Thursday, 21 May 2009

My Brother Open Up To me

I don´t have a class today that´s why I´m here in my computer doing stupid things like for example changing my blog templates againsengihnampakgigi bu I like it a lot. I was texting with my brother in the Philippines and I was shockhah because he open up his problem to me (Sorry guy I´m afraid I can´t tell you about it because it his personal life).

I can tell you it serious and I hope he can handle itgigil, I think this is the big trial in his life, that´s why I´m trying to comfort him as I canangkatkening. This is the first time ever he open up to me since we´re not close to each other. I ´am happy because he share his problem to me, and I hope he will take my advice than his stupid idea (it´s a really worse solution to his problemmerajuk).

I am worried about him because I love my brother a lot evens I don´t show it to him. I hope he will be strong enough to face his problem, and I´m asking everybody to include my brother to your prayersmalu.

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