Thursday, 21 May 2009

My husband decided

My husband works as IT programmer, and did you know that he didn´t went to school to study IT programming, he just read books about IT programming until he became well in programming and became too his profession. He really love his works, he always told me that he enjoys working as IT programming, for him it´s like his hobby not a job. I know he is one of the million people who is lucky to love his job, I know some friends who work with a kind of job which they don´t enjoy.

I know my husband is good in programming but he is still need to learn more about his work, that´s why he decided to do training in k alliance which offers one of the most extensive online computer training. There are some of the list of video training courses centralized on IT certification, IT training, and soft skills and all this is very good for my husband to learn, and this are only few of the courses. My husband thought that it will be better that he will do training since he didn´t went to school for his profession, and he wanted to know more about his work because he enjoys it a lot.

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