Saturday, 16 May 2009


Hello guys it´s been awhile since I post here, I felt lazy this passed few days to postadus. But I´m back and tried to post here everydaysenyum. I was really happy last May 14 because my one blog which I supposed to delete was approvedsenyumkenyit by one of my advertiser, so instead of deleting it I will continue it since it has pagerank 3ihikhik. I will have my vacation from school two weeks from now, and this coming Tuesday we will have our " Swedish National Test " and I wish luck with myselfsiul. Because I don´t have a good confident that I can pass the testgigitjari, but let see what will happen. For me it doesn´t matter if I pass or not, the matter is I learnkenyitto speak and understand Swedish language. Ok I need to stop now, because I need to get ready because I and hubby will attend a baptism of our friend´s sonsenyumbabai.

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, congrats ha! pr3 wow!
so san tayo nyan ngayon? hmmm
ingat and happy weekend.

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