Monday, 25 May 2009

My friend met her prince charming

I was chatting with one of my close friend in the Philippines, and she was really happy telling me that she met her prince charming through online. She was a member in local chat room which is 100% free registration, you can able to chat to different kind of people all over the world. I am really happy for my friend because finally she found her prince charming or maybe let say future husband because they we´re in the serious stage of relationship.

My friend told me that they chat everyday, talk in the phone and they we´re planning to meet in person Like me who found my partner through online, it made me really happy to hear when someone found their love one through online too. It just prove that no matter how far people to each other, there´s nothing can stop them when they are falling in love to each other. When it comes to love there is no impossible, no matter how far to each other, different kind of religion, different kind of believe and so much more.

I have some friends who are living with their partner which they found their love one through local chat rooms and they are living happily with their kids. In our generation now, everything is high tech that´s why many people who meet their love ones in other part of the world, like me I am from Asian and my husband is from Europe.


sexyjessie said...

I think it's now a trend to meet your other half through online. Like me, I met mine through a travel website. We met and it's been a year now and we're planning to get married someday.

payatot said...

congrats sa prend mo dito sa pinas na nakahanap na ng kanyang partner...nakatulong sa kanya ang net

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