Sunday, 24 May 2009

We visited my sister-in-law

Today we (I and hubby) visit my sister-in-law because it was long time ago since we visited them and because it was their son´s birthdaymalu. We had a chat banyakckpas we usually do and after that we ate cakecelebrateyum and we (I and hubby) had a little play with my niece and my nephew (they still a little bit afraidsedih of us (I and hubby) since they don´t see us often). After that we went home and past by in the graveyard to visited my sister-in-law daughter who died last 2001, my mom-in-law planted a flowerros beside Sandra´s grave (she supposed to be 8 years-old now). Then we went home, thanks to my in-laws ride until home, it was nice of themsenyum.

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