Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My present to my nephew

I am thinking what to give as a present to my nephew here in Sweden, since I don´t have any idea what to give him because he has a lot of toys. I decided to give him a seatbelt because I remember when I talked to his mom (my husband´s sister) that they have a problem about his seatbelt is too big for him. I think this could be a good present even he could not play with it but he will be really safe everytime they on trip I found this Cares which specialist the product of seatbelt. I have read that Cares is the only harness style child aviation restraint system which authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA in short. Cares is build equal like industrial-strength like your own seatbelt and it´s adjustable and Cares weight is 1 pound and can fits into a 6 inch, it´s amazing right?

I think I will purchase this instead of toys since my nephew has a lot of toys, and this seatbelt make my nephew safest everytime they have trip and I´m sure my sister-in-law will be happy and she will not think about this problem anymore because I got a solution. How about you? do you have the same problem likes my sister-in-law then don´t worry anymore because you got your solution now!

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