Thursday, 28 May 2009

Shy talking about party

Tomorrow will be our party in the school, and I am excited to attendgile. I love party because I like buying new dress, sandal or anything that I can use during the partysengihnampakgigi (I love shooping, some of my friend call me shopaholic, who cares!peace). Since I lived here in Sweden I often attend any kind of party specially my husband is in the business, everytime we attend business party. Irindu remember last Friday, my husband adacallphoned me and he wanted me to went to their office because there a mini party happening therekenyit.

When I got there, they already started to drink, I can see there´s many wine bottle in the table. So when I just sat down one of my husband colleague gave me a glass of wine and after that I start to do it by myself and maybe a few minute I started to felt dizzyblur. I asked my husband to went home because I started to felt not right gatai( means I am starting to be drunk). Anyway sometimes it´s good to attend party specially when you are in the part of the world likes Swedensenyumkenyit. I need to stop now and get ready to hit the bed, I will post picture tomorrow from the party. Don´t worry guys there will be no wine tomorrow malusengihnampakgigi.


Rosa said...

i love attend party too. but i hate drinking wine. i hate when i get drunk. i remember when i get drunk, and i get mad! haha. thats why i don't want to drink anymore. its give me a bad attitude!:)

payatot said...

oi, mahilig ka pala sa party ha! hmm ok lang yan lalo na kung kasama mo naman si hubby mo

Empty Streets said...

Hi Shy,

It is a friday again :) Dropping by figuratively and literally hehehe :) Keep cool always and enjoy the weekend :) xoxo

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