Friday, 29 May 2009

Jenny and Shy story

I met this girl name Jenny last year when I was in SFI course D. When I first saw here, I though she is not filipina because I never heard her talk our dialect in Philippines (or maybe I just did not see her talking to filipina) My first impression to her is peace maldita and a Thailand girl, until we introduce our self to our classmates and teacher, then I knew she is filipina senyum.

She is the one who first approach me, because I am amalu shy girl and I don´t dare to approach somebody unless she/he approach me first then I will be like a pearl that came out from the shellsengihnampakgigi. Then we started to banyakckptalked a lot with our dialect and until I sat beside her and we became good friendssenyumkenyit. I knew it is not a long time since we met but I can say that we are comfortable to each other, we talked about everything doesn´t matter if it is personalihikhik. I think why we became close friend because we like each other very much and we have a lot of things in commonkenyitlike for example photography.

She is so nice with me and she is my sister her in Sweden, she treated me like her little sister, she is so sweet, menarijolly person and very friendly- one thing I learn about her, she is so sensitive, that´s why I am really careful of what I do and say to her otherwise I make her sad or angry or maybe cry maybe notsengihnampakgigi! I have some friends but they just a friend when I met them or talked to them but I considered Jenny as one of my close friend (she is the second to my best friend, I think she almost my best friend too, but we can work with that). I can share everything to her because I trusted her so muchkenyit and I think she do the same too. It´s not easy to find friend who you can trust with, that´s why I´m glad to met her and be a part of my life senyum and having a friend like Jenny is a treasure.


David Funk said...

Wow! Both of you are SO beautiful! That's great to see how the two of you became friends, and what you share with one another. Also, I'm glad to see how highly you speak of her.

Both of you are very beautiful, friendly people that I'm glad to have as blogger friends, too.

Thanks for sharing S-H-Y!

S-H-Y said...

Wow thanks for the comment Mr. D I am really flatterd knows that someone say I´m beautiful hehehehe...

Jenny said...

Gosssshhhh i don't know what to say about all your good words about me. Thanks for being a nice friend and being understanding of my känslor.

You know that you can count on me anytime.

THanks for everything. Vi hörst. Har det så bra.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nice shy...saya naman ng friendship nyo^_^

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