Monday, 18 May 2009

Norway has enough reason to celebrate

I woke sighup yesterday because of my husband call adacalldownstairs and he said I have a two minutes to go down and bring my camerabanyakckp. I quickly go down, I never fixed myself just grabbed my camera and went down and I don´t have any idea what is happening downstairsadus. When I reach our main gate in our apartment I see some Norwegian flags and many people then I knew what was happeningsenyum, it was "National Day" in Norway that´s why they had parade in the street. I think it was more than 100 people who participate in the parade, I took some photo and went up quickly because I´m not prepare to go down in the street just to take a picturepenat. I think Norwegian are really happy because besides of their "National Day" they won also in "Eurovision Song Contest" so I think they have enough reason to celebratecelebratemenari. If you wonder what song it was, the guy is so cutie sengihnampakgigi (peace husband) try to listen to the song below and tell me what do you think.


sexyjessie said...

Happy independent Norwegian Day!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow nice photos...thanks for sharing sis..ang saya dyan ^_^

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