Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Twister from Janet

My friend Janet post a twister and when I read it I remember that the words she post was our motto in school when I was in primaryfikir. I and Jenny discussed about the answer until I remember itmenari, but I will not tell it yet because you will guess it too-so I´ll be waitingsengihnampakgigi. Think....think..think now

below is the twister:

What is it???
we have it when we were born
and we will die with it
the poor has it, the rich need it
and if you eat it you will die!


Manang Kim said...

I am thinking of this...sana makatulog ako tonight sa kakathink nito hehe. God bless!

payatot said...

hmmmm ano kaya ang meaning nyan

ROSSEL said...

hirap nyan ha? sige research muna ako tapos balik ako.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

the answer is "Nothing!"
hirap mamatay ng walang makain huh! ^_^
musta kana dyan sister... hmmmm...

teJan said...

hahahhahha! meryl, you really gave me a good laugh:)lol! hmmm so smart! godbless shy!

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