Friday, 8 May 2009

I talked to my family today

I just finished talking to my mom through Internet, I got a news yesterday that my mom had a long bad feverpenat so today I texted my brother and asked him if I can able to see my mom through webcam because I wanted to see her and I am really worried to about hersedih. So after my school today I went home direct to talk to my mom and the rest of the Bocua family. When I talked and saw my mom through webcam I became so happymenari because I see her and talk to here too. My worried feelings was gone quickly after I talked to her, and she is better now and that´s made me so happysenyum. It´s not easy for me to know that someone in my family in the Philippines sick specially if it will be my mom or dad, it makes me so worriedgigil that couldn´t sleep at night- because I don´t live just a bus away from them and it´s not easy to travel specially if it will be an emergency one. The last time I post here about my dad´s condition but he is better nowkenyit and I am happy for him but now my mom is the one who is sick and I hope soon she will be finedoa. I really miss my family specially my momgigil. After I finished talking to them,I felt a little bit better nowsenyumkenyit and I would like to thanks to all my friends who give me advice and I really appreciate itmalu.


Inya said...

I hope your Mom is fine now. Advance Happy Mother's Day! I got you tagged here

David Funk said...

I did read that post from yesterday, and I'm glad to hear of this. I certainly understand missing your family and your mom in particular.

Best wishes to you and yours from your friend in the USA!:)

Weng Forsgren said...

buti naman at nakausap mo sila. Lahi ra jud basta layo, dili ta makasakay dayon og jeep para duawon sila kay perti man natong layoa.But that's life.
Ako basta mingawon ko tawagan nako dritso. maguol sad ko oi pag naay magkasakit sa akong pamilya sa pinas. Tanan buhaton basta makatabang sa ila. If they are in good health, mahiluna ang atong kalag dri hehe.

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