Friday, 22 May 2009

We´re excited to be a parents

I and hubby have decided that I will going to be pregnant next year after I visited Philippines this year, since that conversation we had I always thought how I looks like to wear maternity dress -I think for me I will feel strength specially when I start to have a big tummy. For me to be a parent is not easy, that´s why I never got pregnant until I have discussed it with my husband. To be a parent is a big responsible in our life, that´s why many people think first before doing something when it comes to build a big family or let´s call it to have a new family member.

I will looking forward for my vacation this year (I hope my husband will says a date of my vacation) and I will enjoy every single minutes of being a not mother yet, because after that I knew that I will has a new career which is to be a mother. I am really excited to be a mother and to go to shop with my husband for my pregnancy maternity clothes, I´m sure we will enjoy doing that in the future because no one of us are already a parents (I and hubby). When I told my parents about having a baby next year, they we´re so happy and finally they will stop asking this question to me "when you will have a baby"

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sexyjessie said...

Hey Shy, I'm excited over the news of you having a baby next year. Do keep me posted of your development, esp when your tummy is growing! In the meantime, enjoy your "singlehood" of not being a mother yet!

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