Saturday, 23 May 2009

I been to Jenny´s place

As I said to my previous post that I will going to visit my friend and classmate here in Swedensenyum. We had a really good times to each other. We enjoy the conversation specially the laughing things because of my new pair of earrings which has a power according to megelakguling kenyit(Jenny gave the pair earrings to me because she don´t like it), we enjoy the food (Jen tack så mycket om jättegoda mat) and we enjoy to be with each other, that´s the matter most. We (I and Jenny) did pedicure and manicure to our Majesty Janetpeace (that´s Jenny call her) our very own queen in Sweden (ihikhik she will replace soon our original queen which is Silvia). I and Jenny had no chance to do pedicure and manicure in our self because we to clean first our queen Janet (peacesengihnampakgigiNet). Anyway guy I enjoy to be with them, and hope we will see each other again her in my place soonsenyumkenyit.

(Janet´s daughter, she so cutesenyum)

1 comment:

Jennie said...

The majesty among all majesty..hehehe

Varsågod...hoppas att vi kan göra igen, snart..

Vi ses då

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