Monday, 1 June 2009

We celebrated MOTHER´S DAY with my parents-in-law

It was Mother´s Day yesterday here in Sweden, I and hubby invited my parents-in-law here in our place to celebrate the occasion, hubby bought a cake and he prepared his mother´s favorite movie when she was young. Wesenyumwanted to surprised my mother-in-law to watched her favorite movie when she was young. When they got home, we chatted a little as we usually do, thanks God Imenaritalk and understand Swedish now so it is a little bit better for me (not like before I almost don´t talk when I met my in-laws since they don´t talk English like I do).

After we had chatted, I prepared the food and ate while talking then put on the movie which my mother-in-law´s favorite. It was in German language and has a English text so I can watched it with no problem but not my dad-in-law because he don´t understand much English and understand little German that´s why he was sleepingihikhikwhile we watched the movie. The movie took almost two and half hours, the movie was 300 years old that´s why I couldn´t help not to smilesengihnampakgigi when I saw the clothes and hair of the actors and actresses.

It was funcelebrate knowing that it was my mom-in-law favorite movie when she was young. While I´m watching it, I felt Isurprisedwas in their time before 300 years. When the movie was finish my dad-in-law woke up and I gave him a glass of coffeeminum, and we chattedbanyakckp again until they decided to went home around 10:30 in the evening, when they left, we went to slept because we we´re so tiredngantuk and my husband has a work to do. It was a good time together with my parent-in-law, I am lucky to have them as my parents-in-law because they are both good personkenyit.

(PS) TO my mom HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY MA, and I hope to see you this year, I MISS you so much and I LOVE you alwaysciumpeluk. To all my sisters who are mom, Nang HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY to you all, and I´m looking forward to see you guy and your chikiting (I´m sure I have MANY blursenyumnephews and nieces when I visit my home land Philippines).


Manang Kim said...

Hello shy, Happy mommies day to you. Happy weekdays!

chubskulit said...

Glad to know you had a great time with your PIL.

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