Saturday, 13 June 2009

Another award from Mr. D

YEHEYmenari! I got a really cute award from my friend Mr. D. and it was written in french and as Mr. D said it means I Love Yours Blog in French that´s exactly my future language to use (let see if I will really use it in futuresenyum). Mr. D is so dedicated as blogger, because I can see his name to all my blogger friend´s cbox that I visited. And as he promise that he will give me a lot of award/tag as he cankenyit! Anyway THANKS Mr. D for the award and looking forward for more award/tag from YOUsengihnampakgigi

I´m going to pass this to all my blogger FRIENDS, enjoy posting the award!


David Funk said...

Thanks S-H-Y for posting this award and for your compliments. You truly are a sweet and supportive friend to me. Yes, more awards will be coming to you from me..hehehe.:)

S-H-Y said...

And I am looking forward to it Mr. D.

Maxi said...

aw. ka cute sa award ui. got this award, too pero di ko pa napost. siguro today. hehe.

ui shy.. musta na? ang school? hope okey ang tanan dinha nimo. uli ka pinas this year? kami, siguro next year na. di pa hinuon sure.

ui, exlinks ta with my ovah' coffee nga blog. kung okey lang sa iyo ha. hehe.

Maxi said...

salamat sa pag add. mao ba? hopefully makauli ta para enjoy pud.. hehe.

ayo ayo ... unta kita ta puhon.

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