Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Present for my dad and mom

I was chatting to my mom this morning, and as we usually do, we asked each other "how is life" and I told her, Sweden is a really nice country but it different from where I grew up and even I am almost living here in Sweden fro 2 years, I still cry sometimes because I miss them a lot. And for my mom, all of them are doing fine except my dad. He´s eyes are hurting and he can´t see clearly, and I told my mom that it because he´s sunglasses need to change, it was too old because I was the one who gave him that eyeglass (it means that eyeglasses will be 2 years in July, since I was the one who bought it for him).

After chatting to my mom, I check the net and find online shop which sale eyeglasses because I am planning to give eyeglasses present to my dad when I will visit them soon. Thanks GOD because I found what I was looking for at http://www.glassesshop.com/, they sale eyeglasses and sunglasses which is good for the summer. I think I´m going to purchased eyeglasses to my mom and dad and sunglasses for me because since I lived here in Sweden my eyes starting to hurt when I see the sun so I thought it will be good idea. How about you, searching sunglasses and High-indexed Prescription Eyeglasses——CARE your eyes.. Then you come at the right place!

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amiable amy said...

When are you going back to Philippines girl? Maayo paka kay makabalik na jud, ako, next year pa tingali.

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