Friday, 5 June 2009

Our coming vacation

Yeah! Finally hubby and I have decided that we will spend our summer vacation in a Fiji resort. I am really happy because we have been thinking about this summer vacation for almost two months and finally we have decided. This will be our first travel to Fiji and we’re both looking forward to our relaxation while we we’re there. I’m sure we will do some Fiji adventure there, for example, diving, since hubby and I love it.
My husband first got this idea to have a summer vacation in Fiji. At first we hesitated because we had a lot of places to choose from, but finally we chose Fiji resort because we found out that Fiji is the best place to relax with the blue crystal sea and much more. I don’t remember when was the last time I walked in blue crystal water, that’s why I was really excited for this summer vacation with my husband.
At Fiji Island you will see colorful landscapes and the blue crystal beaches that are waiting for you to step on. WOW! This will be memorable for both of us because we will be there for our anniversary. How about you, where are you going to spend your summer vacation? Maybe you’d like to meet at Fiji Island. Hhmm, that could be fun, see you there!

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