Saturday, 6 June 2009

Swedish National Day Today

Today is "SWEDISH NATIONAL DAY" supposed to be me and my husband will went to the Slottskogen to watch the event for "SWEDISH NATIONAL DAY" because they will welcome the new swedish citizen people-but we woke ngantukup late, so no more event for us. Instead we went to the ASIAN STORE and bought my favorite fish the milk fish (bangus in tagalog) and some of my favorite noodles like Pancit Canton and Lucky me. After that, we walked until home, and made a dinner- I fried the bangus and cook rice (it was really delicioussengihnampakgigi)I made something for my husband because hepeace got problem to eat milk fish because it has a lot of bones and he used to eat fish or meat without bones (here in Sweden usually all their fish and meat are without bones not like in the Philippinessenyumkenyitwe love to lick the bones right?).

After our dinner we watched the football games, which Denmark and Sweden were competing, I love football but not my husband, however he still keep me company watching the game. I was sad because Sweden losesedihbetter luck next time I Guess, but anyway it was a good games for both of the players. MABUHAY SWEDEN sengihnampakgigi.


payatot said...

ngayon ko lang nalaman na milk fish nga pala ang ingles sa bangus wahahahahaha..bano ko talaga...sana lang gumising kayo ng medyo di naman late para nakanood kayo

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

alam mo ba miss ko yang hubby ko eh pinaghihimay ko nyan bangus kc nga dami ngang tinik. hahaha ^_^

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