Saturday, 13 June 2009

Gift from my friend

My friend phone me last week and she wanted me to meet her in the mall because she like to give me something and I get really curious because there is no occasion (anyway she is one of my best friend her in Sweden) so I met her last Monday. We met in restaurant and ate something while talking, after we finished eating and talking she told me she need to go, and she give me something and said "this is the one I like you to have" and we said goodbye to each other. I didn´t open the gift until I got home.

When I got home, I got really excited and open the gift which I got from my friend and it was a necklace, how sweet of her to give that kind of gift, I think it is a remembrance from her. It was a nice gift from her, and I want to give her something back too, because I wanted her to remember me when I´m not with her. I am planning to give her the same gift she gave me. I think this thing that we give each other will be the symbol of our friendship, I can say she is one of my best friend as I mentioned above and she is also a nice person. I am thankful that I met person like her because person like her is a treasure.

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