Saturday, 27 June 2009

We went for a walk

We had a long walked today with my hubby since it was sunny (but it was a little bit too much sun for me, but at least I enjoyed walking with my husband). While we were walking, I took some picture if anything that I saw, maybe you don´t know guys I love taking a picture and if we got a good budget my husband will buys a real camera so that I can use it to take a picture. You can see below the pictures, I took while we were walking. I hope everybody had a nice weekend and enjoy my the picture belowsenyum.

This is in the Liseberg (one of the biggest amusement park in the Europe) where Michael Jackson name we´re written. Some people put flowers, stuff toys money and so on.

This is what we call tram (street car in English) this is mostly for tourist people.

I saw this hare (relatives of rabbit) when we was trying to relax in the park. You can seen many of hare when it summer here in Sweden.

I just took this roses because I thought it really beautiful.

Another flowers but I don´t know what the name of the flowers, just like to took a picture.

Another flowers :( don´t know the name either.

Me with the beautiful roses, I would like to have this kind of roses in my gate

This is a new park for the teenagers where they can practice biking and skating.

I just love the limousine, and maybe one day I own something like this. But I told my husband I will not love to have this kind of limousine because it too expensive, I told him instead we will going to buy a old car and fix it to be like this limousine so that we can save instead of buying new one LOL.


Rad said...

Sometimes the regular every day pictures turn out to be the most interesting. Hope you and the hubby get to take more walks together, just not too much sun:)

Gracia said...

coming from ate niko's blog.

nuts said...

those pink flowers look like roses too.. i love it.. :)

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