Thursday, 25 June 2009

Going out to do sun bathing

The sun is shining outside, it means I need to stop posting and blog hopping because my husband want to do sun bathing (I will not join him, I will be lying under the three while he is beside me reading and enjoying the heat of the sun. The reason why I will not join him doing sun bathing because I don´t want to experience again the bad headache likes yesterday, I feel it almost all day until I went to bed so I think it will be wiser if I will not join him right? I will be back later, and I will take some photos to post here too, so see yah guys!


Rosa said...

im having a bad headaches always, grrr! i hate it..

maxi said...

pareho ta shy. magsakit ang ulo sa init ba.

problema ani, pag uli sa pinas kay perti kainit. hahay. dili man sa arte ta. pero naka adjust naman gud ta sa tugnaw na weather tapos, balik napud sa super init.

hope okey na ka.

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