Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A Website called PeopleJar


I get tired of my account in social network and I want to find new connections with people who have similar skills like me all over the world, and I like to learn something from them-and give something back too. So it is like give and take to each other. So while surfing the net, I came to this website PeopleJar. I don´t have any idea what is it, and who knows maybe this is the things I am looking for. Since I don´t know yet about the website, I read through about it and I´m sure that I will learn what is it.

While reading through the website for half an hour, I learn enough to understand what PeopleJar is. PeopleJar is actually not a social network (I though it was, but I was wrong). I think this is a really unique website because it is not made of your existing relationships and it does not search the other sites, and also it does not collect profiles from them. The advantage of PeopleJar is that it helps you to create new connections to other people by a certain interest or ability in any field (it could be anything like for example design). And it means it will give you advantage to contact outside the platform like working together and so on.

And everybody is welcome. PeopleJar does not cater to just one or a few countries, or religions, or even languages - as long as you are willing to share a bit about yourself, you can be part of the PeopleJar community!


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