Thursday, 25 June 2009

I´m preparing my gift

Since I am planning to visit my home country Philippines on Christmas holiday. I start to find good stuff for my family, friend and relatives, I need to found very good price since I need to be really careful spending my time because I will stay in Philippines not only a week. I know some of my family don´t love present during Christmas, I know it sound strength but it´s true and, since I know who they are, I am going to give them Personalised Christmas Cards-should be a good idea instead of nothing. Maybe, it is too early for me to collect this thing, but I think this will be good idea to prepared early than later. And I know too, that I will be little bit busies after summer, so I took this opportunity to be ready for this otherwise I will be crazy preparing this thing after a week before my flight. I know, it is June this time and there are six (6) months leaf before Christmas but I am just very exciting to do this stuff. I am the type of person who love giving gifts to everybody, actually my family members called me "Santa Sarah" because as I said I love giving gifts during Christmas.

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