Monday, 22 June 2009

I have talked to my family

I was talking to my family this morning, it was a great chat with my familysenyum. I talked to my nephews and nieces which can´t talked yet when I was still with themkenyitthey talked a lotihikhik . I am happy because they are all healthy as I was so really nervous about swine flu which spreading all over the Philippinesadus. I always read or watch news in the Philippines and I got information that our place (Davao City) has the smallest amount of infected of the virustepuktangan I hope i stay like that for few months. I told my mom to always careful specially to my nephews and nieces. It was a great feeling to know that they are all healthy, knowing that they are all in good condition makes me feel relax and calmsenyumkenyit (not the passed few days, I always slept around three in the morning, because of thinking of thempenat). Anyway I´m looking forward to see themsenyumbecause I miss them a LOT.

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