Monday, 29 June 2009


As I usually do when I am not busy, I do blog hopping, this is one thing I need to do at least five times a week. In this way, I can get more friends and more traffic to my blog. I love my blog a lot and since I am addicted to it, my day will not be complete without visiting my blog. The good things about blog is besides of earning some extra money, you also meet different kind of people around the world. I accidentally came to this Site WhatUp, and since I was curious, I click the words and landing to a family blog site. And read through it and get to know who is that family blog site is. Reading is the way you learn something right? That´s why I read about the blog and I learn enough about it through reading. I love visiting other blog and leaving a comment specially if I found their blog really interesting.

There are a thousands of billion bloggers around the world, and bloggers have different kind of topic, style and design. That´s why every blog can be call as unique like I have and you have. Anyway I have been blogging for almost a year now and I love it. I gain friends all over the world, I get extra money for shopping and a new hobby for me which is really help since I am alone at home for the whole day, instead of going out alone which I don´t enjoy. I love sharing everything about my life because I want someone will learn my experience and get a good idea.

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