Thursday, 25 June 2009

Get to know a prominent person

I know most of you don´t know Andrew Borrok and since I am reading his profile I can share something about him. He is young and successful in real estate entrepreneur and also an attorney. Of course he will not be like that if he don´t have a good education, he was graduated in different kind of schools and courses like Columbia University in the City of New York (B.A. Political Science, 1989—1993), Georgetown University Law Center (J.D. , 1994 — 1996) and last but not the least in Columbia University Graduate School of Business
(M.B.A.2000—2001). He was success (countinueng until now) because of his ambition in life with a determined. While reading his profile it reminded me the "nothing is impossible if you are determined". He is working as General Counsel to a Manhattan real estate company at 425 Park Avenue Company today.

Have you learn enough about Andrew Borrok or maybe you want to read his profile personally then visit Andrew Borrok Fame Game . And you are also free to add him and get to know him better because he is willing to meet someone like you. And if you like, you can check his achievement in life at Andrew Borrok linkedin. I think this kind of people is a treasure to meet him even through internet and who knows maybe in real life. After all the information I give I´m sure you will have enough time to know him and I need to stop now to continue reading his profile.

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