Wednesday, 7 January 2009

3 Award in a row

I felt flattered to received three amazing award from my fellow bloggers Rechie and Fe. I´m blogging for half of a year now and I love it! Through my blog I find good people who became my friends even though online talking and I´m hoping someday that I could meet some of them.

Fabulous Blog Award

Inspiring Blogger Award

You Make my Day Award

I´m passing this 3 amazing award to all my fellow bloggers, Hope somebody will grab it!

1 comment:

Mira said...

Hi Shy, congrats on your awards. I just noticed that you've got a lot of paid posts already, keep it up girl *wink*. Just a reminder though, don't forget to put interim posts between paid posts ok, to assure approval from triple p. Enjoy posting.

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