Thursday, 8 January 2009


Finally I can drop entrecard now, yesterday when I visited my fellow blogger I was surprised because in her drop entrecard I see the MSG "drop" so it mean I can drop ec. I don´t know what happen really maybe it´s because of my computer that why I restarted and now my life is back in normal LOL. I can do my daily work to drop ec, This coming monday will be the start of my school. I´m still waiting for the notice from the school, I don´t receive yet.

This passed few days I received some review, I didn´t know that being a page rank three there´s a lot of review waiting at me LOL. Finally it´s snowing earlier it was -3 degree Celsius but now it´s one degree Celsius that why right now it´s raining. I try to browse picture which I took erlier when it still snowing but there´s a problem so I couldn´t able to post picture now. But I will next time, I don´t know what happen with my camera she is crazy like the owner ^_^.


AZ Blogging said...

Hi Shy,

This is babynoela of

Thanks for wishing me happy new year.

I came back here but could not comment on your blog since I don't have a blogger account, so i used my fiancee's account.

I must confess you have a great blog high and high pagerank as well.

Please would you welcome a suggestion? I think it would be easier for most people to comment on you blog if you allow commenting with just a username and website url, as one of the options.

A toss to friendship.


Cher said...

Welcome back to dropping! Thanks for dropping on me!

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