Tuesday, 27 January 2009


School was so stressful for me because it´s more difficult now, before I never try to study but now almost my book is besides me all the time. This term where am I now makes me realized how hard to learn language sometimes it could me fun I admit! When I read Swedish book and too much Swedish word goes in my brain then I get headache hehehe, I don´t know why it just thought that way.

I had mentioned in my previous post that I went to seminar to get work, but sad to said I need like the offer of the company. Maybe you wonder why I applied to get work, it doesn´t mean that I will stop to go to school if I get work but I wouldn´t. I enjoy going to school meet new friends from different country, culture and many more!Next step apply in MC DONALD and restaurant, let see what will happen.

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