Saturday, 10 January 2009

Swedish Language

I don´t feel well today, I had a bad runny nose and I slept four in the morning lasts night. I don´t knew why I couldn´t slept last night maybe I have an insomnia. This is my two last day vacation because on my day I will start school, but it was strength because I didn´t get any letter information which classes I will go. We always received letter information which classes we go , I already called my classmates if they received letter but they said they didn´t received any letter too, maybe not this year.

Anyway I´m excite to go back to school to see new teachers and classmates, I miss my classmates and teachers, waiting my tram to get me to school, I miss talking Swedish except waking up in the morning that I don´t like. It´s strength really I go to school not only to learn my profession but to learn Swedish language instead of reading and talking Swedish I talked English and read English book too LOL.

Me and my husband used to talked English we couldn´t help it we always said to each other that we talk Swedish but we couldn´t ^_^. Sometimes when I am in school and talking to my classmates I talked Swenglish ( mixed English and Swedish ) hehehehe. I need to be ready to start to talk Swedish again, I almost forgot all Swedish words I knew! This is the time I need to train my Swedish again.

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