Monday, 19 January 2009

Swedish Words

I knew all of you knew that I am studying Swedish language, so I wanted to post some Swedish language who knows maybe you visit Sweden someday. So I´m sharing swedish language here:

Thank you so much - Tack så mycket

Can you help me? - Kan du hjälpa mig?

Good Morning - Gud morgon

I love you - Jag älskar dig

Hi - Hej

How are you - Hur mår du? or Hur läget?

Please - snälla

Today - Idag

Tomorrow - Imorgon

You are beautiful - Du är vacker

I´m not yet very good in swedish but I am working in it..If you want to know some other swedish word just leave me a message.


Ailecgee said...

Hi Shy! Parang may similarity pala ang swedish sa German 'no? Are you having difficulty communicating with your hubby? Sensya na ha! Curious lang. Para kasing ang hirap intindihin ng Swedish eh!

Tita Beng

LEon said...

Hi Shy, you learning swedish from school or extra courses? How do you type those swedish words from the keyboard btw?

andrew&carmelsuarezministry said...

Hello! Its hard to pronounce the words. hahaha! but it would be fun to learn how to. nice posting.

Weng F. said...

shy, hawod naka swedish ron. unsa naka na level? or naa naka sa komvux?

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Wow! Shy, you are learning fast. But how about the accent? :(
By the way, I dropped an EC here.

Blog said...

hmmm...i think the hardest part is the pronounciation...

how do you say these words? like a German language?or more like Filipino?


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