Monday, 12 January 2009

First Day In School

I had mention in my last post that I didn´t received any letter information from school. And today was our first school, it was not good first day school for me and for the rest of my classmate because we don´t have any idea which rooms we will go so this morning we went to school information and finally we knew which room we will go to study. I am excited to start to go to school and happy too because almost all my classmate lasts year is still my classmate now, but then there´s new people who is a little bit not nice. It just my impression who knows maybe sooner they will be my new friends. As usual I have a whole day class, I´m not looking forward to wake up early in the morning but there´s nothing I can do that´s how life is ^_^.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Enjoy your day in the school, Shy. :)

sweetytots said...

cool your in sweden! have fun in schooll... id like to go back to school too and take another course.. sweet..pretty..naughty
Memory Filled
Sweety tots

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