Sunday, 18 January 2009


My first week in school was quick OK because no much assignment and school hehehe. But I can say that the subject is getting difficult, so now I need to study and read more that I never done last term. And now I´m trying to talk to my husband a Swedish language because I know that I will learn more when we talk Swedish. Sometimes when I talked to him Swedish he answered me English that´s funny he always asked apology for talking English with me. This term takes four months and one month practicum in the kindergarten. I am excited now to do my practicum again I miss my Cutie kids. Tomorrow will be the second week of my school and I knew that my schedule will start to be busy and I will not catch more review. Now I don´t have any review actually I have but they cost $0.50 cent and 200 words so I didn´t do it.


SearchingWellness said...

Hi shy, good to know you are doing well in school. I have a sister who is studying in Denmark as well. Nag au pair una siya maayo kay nakaeskewla na. :) Tugnaw na diha no.

Saem said...

hi shy, i've just done linking you here girl. sorry for taking so long because of the problem that I face with my blogger account.

btw, goodluck on your studies.

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