Wednesday, 15 July 2009

car insurance

I and hubby have a lot of plan this year and one of our plan that we thought that could be possible is to have our own car, since I love car evens thought we live at the center of the City. My husband told me that having a car has a lot of responsibility, and it is serious matter. So he told me that when we buy car we make sure that I get car insurance in case something happen that is not nice. Having a car insurance is really advantage to all who want to have a car because it´s really help a lot, it´s cover you if something happen badly that unexpected. And I am really excited and looking forward to have my own car.

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sexyjessie said...

Hey Shy, it's good to own your own car but you also need to look into car's monthly payment and maintenance cost, besides the insurance. Cheers.

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