Tuesday, 28 July 2009

My new close shoes

I just bought this close shoes and I really like it, I could not imagine I wear this kind of shoes. I used to laugh when I see this kind of shoes and I said to myself that I will not going to wear this kind of shoes. But I was wrong because I started to love this kind of shoes and I am planning to buy more for collection. I decided to wear them sometimes so that they will stay longer LOL. Anyway I need to minimize with my shopping habit because I think I had too much money waste because of my wants hobby. But anyway I am happy everytime I go for shopping, all I need to do is to minimize it and that what will I try to do if I can control my shopaholic altitude.


teJan said...

ahahhaha.. dinsko girl! grab na imo 'love u' card shy from me!


Dhemz said...

woi shopping addict man pod diay ni....hehehe..girls can;t live w/o shoes....:)

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